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"Welcome !! - Best of service and restaurant in Poseidon."

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Welcome!! - The best of services and restaurant in poseidon.

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Suit Rooms

Experience the luxury making all the rooms feel like a hotel 5 star.
Suit Rooms - Afica Style

Africa Style Upon entering the 5 th floor, you're greeted by corridors painted with grasslands and various animals from Africa. In the bedroom, a large, leafy canopy towers over the bed, shading it from the sultry African sun. You'll feel like the chief of an African tribe basking among your tribewomen.

Suit Rooms - Egypt Style

Arabian Style The sultry, seductive settings of the Arabian style rooms on the 2 th floor makes any visitor feel like an powerful sultan relaxing among his harem. Choose to experience this from the following rooms: Oasis, Jasmin, Alkabab, Fatima, and Nova.

Suit Rooms - Afica Style

Modern Style New Style Room at 10th Floor, Experience the luxury making all the rooms feel like a hotel 5 star. Select rooms from Alcaba, Fatima , Jusmin, Nova, Oasis and Oasis.

Suit Rooms - Egypt Style

Egypt Style the 4-7 floor Amidst the hot desert setting on the 6 th floor, escape into the mysterious realm of Egypt. To add to the sense of fun of being in a pyramid, hieroglyphics were inscribed on the walls for you to decipher.

Suit Rooms - Egypt Style

Greece Style The 4 th floor was decorated to look clean, simple and sleek, in the Greek style. At the foot of the plush, inviting bed, a large, brick fireplace exudes the feeling of warmth. The bathroom floor was artistically laid with white slates. This suite is perfect for those who like elegant simplicity with a stylish twist.

Suit Rooms - Egypt Style

The Palace For the most lavish display of extravagance, come visit the Palace on the 11 th floor. One look at the oversized jacuzzi and you'll know we aim to please. It also comes furnished with a meeting room and it's own complete karaoke system. Experience living like a king within your own Poseidon kingdom.

Suit Rooms - Egypt Style

Thai Style Every last detail was not overlooked in re-creating an authentic Thai house setting on the 10 th floor. Experience the Thai charms and soothing effects in your choice of the Bussaba, Pimpilalai, Manorha, Wasiththee, or Puen Pang room.

Suit Rooms - Egypt Style

Victorian Style Experience the stylish extravagance of the Victorian era on the 9 th floor. Considered the most prosperous times of England, the Victorian men frolicked in the poshiest settings. Relive those days in one of these rooms: Victoria, Brittany, Mona Lisa, and Diana.

About Us

In honor of the mighty Greek god Poseidon who ruled the waterworld, the Poseidon Entertainment Complex started operation as a complete entertainment complex on Ratchadapisek Road in 1999.

We aim to provide relaxation services in an elegant, refined setting to local and foreign patrons. We offer a numerous selection of theme suite rooms to choose from floors 4-11. Welcome !! - Best of service and restaurant in Poseidon. We also offer a variety of other services, including a delcious menu of Thai, Chinese, Japanese and European cuisines. For crooners, choose to sing karaoke in big or small rooms. All year round, we organize special events for our patrons that should never be missed.

As long as the waves are undulating in the ocean, we will be here to provide impeccable service catering to all your needs. We welcome all to our paradise on earth. Come and discover happiness and fun with a class act at Poseidon Entertainment Complex. We promise to deliver a truly memorable experience. For more information,

Please contact our Public Relations at +66 2693 8222.

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